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This agreement is a contract between All Critters & Pets Freeze Dry and ______________________, refereed to hereafter as Pet Owner for pet preservation services of ________________, referred to hereafter as pet.

The pet preservation process will include the removal of internal organs. This process is necessary to ensure a properly preserved pet.

Positioning (i.e. placement of legs, mouth, head, etc) will be based upon pictures and/or written instructions provided by Pet Owner to All Critters & Pets Freeze Dry.

All Critters & Pets Freeze Dry will utilize written and photograph instructions to recreate the living poses of pets. However, there are certain facial expressions that are unique to the pet and cannot be duplicated perfectly. Position of your pet may vary slightly when the actual posing is complete. Pet Owner understands and assumes risk.

All Critters & Pets Freeze Dry require pets to be payed in full up front.  After completed contract for services is completed, the pet will be processed and positioned.
There is no refunds on pets.

All Critters & Pets Freeze Dry for Wild Critters: A 50% deposit is required

* If the Pet Owner wishes to have photographs sent via e-mail prior to placement in the freeze-dryer, arrangements will be made at this time.

** Remaining balance will be due prior to pet being placed in the freeze-dryer.

****There is no refund on pets

***After the pet has been placed in the freeze-dryer, Pet Owner understands that the positioning of the pet cannot be changed.

Certain conditions cannot be rectified by All Critters & Pets Freeze Dry. These conditions may affect the physical appearance of the pet and are the Pet Owner’s risk.

1. Significant weight loss prior to death.
2. Hair loss that includes shaving for medical treatment of pet prior to death
(i.e. shaved forearms for IVs, bandages, etc).
3. Significant trauma.

Due to discrepancies in drying times between animals, Pet Owner understands that the time frame of pet preservation given upon initial consultation by All Critters & Pets Freeze Dry is an estimate and may vary considerably.

Pet Owner will be contacted via telephone and e-mail when pet has completed the pet preservation process.

All Critters & Pets Freeze Dry recommends that pet be placed in a glass case to preserve and protect the pet when it is returned to Pet Owner.

I have had the opportunity to ask any questions about pet preservation and this contract for services. I agree to the terms and conditions of the above stated process.

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Pet Owner’s Signature Date

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Printed Name All Critters & Pets Freeze Dry

Pet Owner’s Street Address

City State Zip Code
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Pet Owner’s Phone number Pet Owner’s Email Address


Pet Positioning Instructions

Mouth open or closed ____________________________________

Eyes open or closed _____________________________________

Position of front legs _____________________________________

Position of back legs _____________________________________

Tail ____________________________________________________

Body Facing ( Right or Left) _______________________________

Additional Instructions ___________________________________


Photographs ( yes or no) __________________________________