image1I discourage anyone with hairless animals having this process done. They will need to be completely airbrushed afterwards which would not look natural.

**All Critters can be posed in any position per Customers instructions.

*For a better mount keep damage to a minimum.

10% Discount to Taxidermist

*All Wild animals that are considered Game animals need to have proper tags when shipped

* Large Fox Squirrels running up or running down with Bark slab base $250

* Gray Squirrels,Red squirrels running up or running down with Bark Slab base $185

**We also offer Novelty Mounts of Squirrels holding a Bow and arrow, a gun or rifle, fishing pole, riding a bike and many others. Ship us your Son or daughters first Squirrel for these neat mounts. These are $300 depending on accessories

*** Bass need to be mounted to a base, which is not included in the price. We will help you choose the right one for your fish and your budget.

* Flying Squirrels $170

*Chipmunks $55
Dead Pose $45

*Small Groundhogs/ Prairie Dogs $450

*Muskrats $300

*Raccoons and Opossum up to 12 lb.’s $475-$750

Skunks $200 for small $500 for medium 

*Mink,and Marten $275
Ermine: $135
Bases are extra

Fisher $320-$600

*Porcupine $900

*Small Badger $475

*Bobcat’s up to 12 lb.’s $1200

*Red and Gray Fox up to 12 lb.’s $850

Baby Wild Hogs $450

*Venomous snakes $100 a foot

(Mouth open is $50 more}

Turkey Heads unpainted $55

Painted Turkey Heads $85

Bats $125
Only for educational purposes
proper documents is a must.

Snapping Turtles:$250-$300
Non Florida Species only

Velvet Antlers $200 and up

Velvet repair $75-$100

Gator Heads up to 12″ $425

Gator Feet: $40 for front feet 

$60 ea. for rear feet

Deer feet any pose $50 a pair

*Whitetail Fawn $600-$1000

depending on pose

*Spiny Lobsters $400 1-4lbs $500 5-7lbs $1000 8-10lbs * Any Lobster over 10lbs email me for a quote

Crayfish $20 each

***Largemouth Bass $12 an inch
Bass are mounted by traditional Taxidermy methods only.
I do not freeze dry large fish.

*Some animals will need to be on a base which is not included in price.
**Novelty Mounts Price includes base and 1/6 scale accessories

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