1:Q Is Freeze Drying Like Taxidermy?

A: No! We do use some taxidermy work on some animals like Largemouth Bass, Turkey heads and deer feet. But for the most part we use the whole animal minus internal Organs.

2: Q Does Freeze Drying last as long as a traditional Taxidermy mount?

A: Yes your freeze dried animal will last a lifetime if  you follow the after care instructions.

3: Q Does Freeze Drying take a long time?

A: Yes it will sometimes take up to 2 months for smaller animals and 6 months for larger animals,.

4: Q Is Freeze Drying expensive?

A: We try to charge as fairly as the next guy. But yes freeze drying is expensive, The outcome is a more real looking animal. Taxidermy is not an option on some very small animals and pets.

5: Q What do I do when my pet has died?

A: You need to put the animal in a plastic bag and place in freezer immediately . Then  contact us using contact form. This goes for the wild Critters also.


Your Critter or Pet has completed the preservation process and is ready to go home with you.There are a few steps you can take to ensure that the quality of your animal remains the same as when it left All Critters & Pets Freeze Dry. They include:

1: Keep your pet or critter away from high humidity locations and away from water.
Moisture will introduce the possibility of mold developing on the animal. If liquids are spilled on the animal quickly blot area with towel.

2: Should you desire to clean your critter or pet it is recommended that you use a clean dry towel and nothing that will leave a residue on your animal, this could diminish the natural sheen of your animals fur. Mount Shield, which we recommend for all the animals preserved by All Critters & Pets Freeze Dry. A Trophy mount Shield should be applied by spraying a light mist to your animal once every few months.

3. Do not attempt to bend or alter your Critter or Pets extremities {i.e. ears, forearms, head. etc.} These actions could cause permanent damage to your animal.

4. It is ok to brush your Critter or Pets hair with a soft brush. if hair becomes tangled use your fingers to work it out. Excessive force brushing will cause hair to come out.

5. If you wish to fluff your animals fur. Use a hair dryer set on no heat.

6. Do not place your Critter or Pet in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will fade your animals fur over time.

In the event that there are problems with your Critter or Pet not mentioned above, please contact All Critters & Pets Freeze Dry as soon as you notice the problem. Thank you for choosing All Critters & Pets Freeze Dry for your Critter or Pet.